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Employee Recognition Awards

Years of Service Award

Retroactive to July 2004, all University of Northern Iowa employees achieving at least five years of service are recognized for their service to the University. Employees are presented with a certificate and a gift order form during their service milestone anniversary month starting at five years of service. Employees may select from the following list of gifts:

5 Years

Insulated Coffee Mug, Insulated Water Bottle, or Insulated Coffee Mug with Handle

10 Years

Umbrella (compact style), 12 Can Convertible Duffle/Cooler, or Double Layered Golf Umbrella

15 Years

Fleece Jacket, Sports Chair, Folding Chair, or Wind Jacket

20 Years

Soft Shell Jacket, Watch (small oval-faced, medium round-faced, or large round-faced), Leather Attache Case, or Leather Travel Bag

25 Years +

Chiming Mantel Clock, Rounded Mantel Clock, Crystal Vase, Crystal Bowl, Leather Duffel Bag, or Canvas/Leather Duffel Bag

Gifts may change subject to availability.