Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Nomination Form

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Surveys and focus groups conducted with UNI employees indicate that we all share one thing in common: our steadfast commitment to customer service. UNI employees celebrate customer service through attitude, teamwork, and initiative.


Excellent customer service is defined as service that is helpful, friendly, cheerful, and respectful. In addition, excellent customer service is timely and follows the problem or issue through to its successful completion. A customer-focused employee is patient, approachable, courteous, sincere, and knowledgeable.

Team Work

Superior teamwork is defined as compassionate, cooperative, supportive, and collaborative. Superior team players always find the best qualities in others, share information and talents, and are dependable. In addition, they attempt to solve problems and conflict productively, treat people fairly, invite discussion, and persist even under times of stress.


Employees who demonstrate outstanding initiative are self-starters, motivated, and innovative. Along with their excellent abilities to coordinate work, they take ownership in their work, and seek to improve processes.