Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Recipients 2019

Name Department Award Received
Chris DeBower Fresh Beginnings January
John Keve Fresh Beginnings January
Tiffany Gray Fresh Beginnings January
Dillan Trunck IT- Administrative Information Systems February
Claude Manning Custodial Services February
Carol Squires Registrar's Office February
Connie Ketterer It- Administrative Information Services February
David Marchesani Academic Advising February
Joan Smothers Registrar's Office February
Kim Bock Academic Advising February
Kristi Marchesani Admissions February
Michele Peck Academic Advising February
Paul Sapp Admissions February
Karen Luhring Fresh Beginnings February
Kellie Clayton Residence Administration February
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration February
Chris Kenaga 23rd St Market February
Jordan Cornwell Admissions February
Amy Maass Fresh Beginnings February
Harper Sires Fresh Beginnings February
Katy VanDyke-Corbett Fresh Beginnings February
Ryan Glaza Fresh Beginnings February
Nancy Klodt Rialto Dining February
Brian Sonksen Rialto Dining February
Kenny Wright Rialto Dining February
Angel Stigler Mail Center February
Jacqueline Burvee Design and Construction February
Brian Hadley Facilities Management February
Bryant Dowd Admissions March
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration March
Claude Manning Custodial Services March
Clint Korte Residence Facilities Administration March
Dave Peerman Residence Facilities Administration March
David Fuller Residence Facilities Administration March
Janice Nelson Theel Rialto Dining March
Jordan Cornwell Admissions March
Kenny Wright Rialto Dining March
Kristin Soppe Registrar's Office March
Linda Schroeder Admissions March
Lynda Munson Custodial Services March
Mark Dunt Residence Facilities Administration March
Matt Kroeger Enrollment Management March
Mitch Mcalister Rialto Dining March
Paul Sapp Admissions March
Rick Seeley IT-Educational Technology & Media Services March
Rinda Bergen Public Safety March
Shane Stitchman Utilities & Power Plant March
Traci Buseman Financial Accounting & Reporting Services March
Wendy Armstrong Registrar's Office March
Ashley Stoppel Enrollment Management April
Janice Nelson Theel Rialto April
Amy Escher Student Health Clinic April
Terri Metzger Student Life and Event Services April
Chris Shaw Technology April
Andrew Juhl Public Safety May
Ashley Stoppel Enrollment Management May
Chris DeBower Fresh Beginnings May
Angel Stigler Mail Center June
Diana Smith Commons Catering June
Marcus Ancell Commons Catering June
Pam McKenzie Commons Catering June
Sam Barr IT-Client Services July
Alexis Eick Student Accessibility Services July
Brenda Neff Budget Office July
Clark Even Utilities and Power Plant July
John Rasmussen Utilities and Power Plant  July
Mike Shelton Utilities and Power Plant July
Shane Stitchman Utilities and Power Plant July
Aaron Thompson IT-Administrative Information Systems July
Bret Jacobsen IT-Client Services July
Cody Cummings IT-Administrative Information Systems July
Leila Rod-Welch Library July
Matthew Gaffney IT-Client Services July
Omer Al Fadhli IT-Administrative Information Systems July
Phil Schuppert IT-Administrative Information Systems July
Sue Wood IT-Client Services July
Wesley Jones IT-Network & Infrastructure Services July
Danielle Weide Admissions August
David Wrage Transportation Services August
Kim Wrage Transportation Services August
Olivia Ballhagen Admissions August
Carol Squires Registrar's Office September
Clark Even Utilities and Power Plant September
Danielle Rundel Registrar's Office September
Diana Smith Commons Catering September
J.C Last IT-Administration Information Systems September
Joan Smothers Registrar's Office September
John Rasmussen Utilities and Power Plant September
Linda Feuchtwanger Registrar's Office September
Marcus Ancell Commons Catering September
Mary Goodman Commons Catering September
Mike Shelton Utilities & Power Plant September
Pam McKenzie Commons Catering September
Patricia Welter Registrar's Office September
Rachelle Kidwell Registrar's Office September
Robyn Bredvick IT-Client Services September
Brad Bauler Fresh Beginnings October
Carol Fletcher Dining Services Administration October
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration October
Darla Smith Residence Facilities Administration October
Denita Gadson CBA Professional Distinction Operations October
Elisabeth Soliz CBA Professional Distinction Operations October
Janelle Finke Continuing Education and Special Programs October
Jeff Ager Piazza October
Jill Chelesvig Commons Catering October
Madonna Austin Residence Facilities Administration October
Marcus Ancell Commons Catering October
Mary Friedrich CBA Professional Distinction Operations October
Megan Perry Registrar's Office October
Michele Grant Piazza October
Mike Kidd Residence Facilities Operations October
Nick Mulholland CBA Professional Distinction Operations October
Pam McKenzie Commons Catering October
Prabhat Raut Registrar's Office October
Ryan Glaza Fresh Beginnings October
Scott Onken Piazza October
Shannon Seehase Registrar's Office October
Shelly Christensen Admissions October
Tami Powers Teaching October
Beth Kuehl Human Resource Services November
Claude Manning Custodial Services November
Jesse Lahmann Human Resource Services November
Kelly Bockenstedt Admissions November
Kylie Knecht University Honors Program November
Linda Reardon-Lowry Biology November
Mitch McAllister Rialto Dining November
Sara Eberle Rialto Dining November
Shelby Overmohle Child Development Center November
Brian Corwin Food Stores Administration December
Jordan Barrow Piazza December
Rebekah Offield Admissions December
Tracey Sherwin Admissions December
Amy Schipper Admissions December
Christine McKernan Fresh Beginnings December
Derris Hawkins-Smith Admissions December
Jesus Lizarraga Estrada Admissions December
Joellen Hatchet Admissions December
John Keve Fresh Beginnings December
Rita Truex Fresh Beginnings December