Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Recipients 2011

Name Department Award Received
Emily Cahalan ITS-Information Systems January
Lori Hoffmann Human Resource Services January
Roxanne Patnode Custodial Services January
Betty Priebe Business Operations February
Diane Hensley Business Operations February
Dorothy Hess Fresh Beginnings February
Gary Robinson Public Safety February
Gloria Wenger Business Operations February
Joyce Willms Business Operations February
Penny Becker Business Operations February
Stacey Takle Business Operations February
Todd Thornton Custodial Services February
Nancy Lindgard Residence Administration March
Phil Garvin Dining Services Administration March
Andrea Jennings Public Safety April
Angel Stigler Public Safety April
Building Services (entire department) April
Corleen Counsel Piazza April
Melvin Adams Custodial Services April
Operations and Maintenance (entire department) April
Physical Plant Administration (entire department) April
Ross Stuckey Public Safety April
Transportation (entire department) April
Andrea Jennings Public Safety May
Jean Donham Curriculum & Instruction May
Brad Bauler Department of Residence June
Nancy Klodt Department of Residence June
Tyler Terpstra Department of Residence June
Cassie Benning Luze Development & Foundations July
Daniel Beenken Small Business Development Center July
Linda McLaury Library July
Peter Callaghan Library July
Adam Kracke Public Safety - Police Division August
Brad Bauler Residence August
Joseph Tripp-Rieks Residence August
Kathy Malm (2) Residence August
Mark Luhring Residence August
Matt Copp (2) Residence August
Mike Kidd Residence August
Mike Weiglein Residence August
Sharon Haurum Residence August
Stacey Nelson Residence August
Susan Devine (2) Residence August
Tara Hoeppner Residence August
Evie (Chuck) Pugh School of Music September
Jeron Garrison Residence/Piazza September
Mark Dunt Residence Facilities Administration September
Peter Callaghan Rod Library September
Shelly (2) Grant DOR - Piazza September
Carol Fletcher Residence October
Cathy Moore Residence/Fresh Beginnings October
Lisa Steimel Business Operations October
Thomas Barry Music October
Tresa Habnick Business Operations October
Brad Bauler Residence November
Cheri McDivitt Residence November
Cheri McDivitt Residence November
Chris DeBower Residence November
Jaymes Sime DOR November
John Keve Residence November
Julie Williamson Rod Library November
Lisa Krausman Residence November
Mark Schauls ITS-IS November
Michael Weiglein DOR November
Mona Grasso Residence November
Pat Young Residence November
Patricia Young Residence November
Philip Garvin DOR November
Rita Truex Residence November
Ron Lundy Residence November
Stacey Nelson Residence November
Angel Stigler Public Safety December
Craig Skilling Public Safety December
David Kelly Public Safety December
Michele Grant Residence/Piazza December
Thomas Wymore Operations & Maintenance December