Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Recipients 2013

Name Department Award Received
Catherine McRoberts Campus Supply/Warehouse January
Kelly Destival Athletics Administration January
Kerry Hopkins Residence January
Amanda Widmann Residence February
Barb Strom Residence February
Celeste Bembry College of Humanities, Arts, & Sciences February
Christopher Kremer Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts February
Erik Guetzlaff ITS-Information Systems February
Janelle Crow Residence February
Jon Westhoff Business Operations February
Keith Immerzeel Utilities & Power Plant February
Molly Rickert Business Operations February
Tiffany Aronson Business Operations February
Brad Fletcher Food Stores Administration March
Bryan Beardsley Maucker Union Administration March
Joe Silva Rialto Dining March
Kathy Siems Public Safety March
Linda Olson Maucker Union Administration March
Barb Kettwig Development & Foundation April
Brad Bauler Fresh Beginnings April
Brandi Moormann Admissions April
Brian McBride Operations & Maintenance April
Cheri McDivitt Fresh Beginnings April
Deborah Kinsey Piazza April
Dee DeHaven Custodial Services April
Fresh Beginnings and Bakery Staff Fresh Beginnings April
Harper Sires Fresh Beginnings April
Karen Luhring Fresh Beginnings April
Lisa Althof Development & Foundation April
Lynn Nielsen Curriculum & Instruction April
Matt Copp Piazza April
Matthew Copp Piazza April
Michael Weiglein Piazza April
Nancy Klodt Rialto Dining April
Paula Lindberg Custodial Services April
Piazza Staff Piazza April
Rebecca Apel Fresh Beginnings April
Rita Truex Fresh Beginnings April
Ryan England Development & Foundation April
Ryan Glaza Fresh Beginnings April
Scott Onken Piazza April
Sharon Cordes Facilities Planning April
Sharon Hannasch Development & Foundation April
Stacey Nelson Fresh Beginnings April
Susan Devine Piazza April
Alex Dreyer Fresh Beginnings May
Chris DeBower Fresh Beginnings May
Jennifer Miller Office of Admissions May
John Keve Fresh Beginnings May
Kristin Soppe Admissions May
Maria Cedomio Office of the President May
Mitch McAlister Rialto Dining May
Patricia Young Fresh Beginnings May
Rita Truex Fresh Beginnings May
Ron Lundy Fresh Beginnings May
Scott Onken Piazza May
Stacey Nelson Fresh Beginnings May
Thomas Reburn Office of Admissions May
Tiffany Gray Fresh Beginnings May
Wilhelm Goecken Prexy's May
David Fuller Residence Facilities Administration June
Gloria Holmes Curriculum & Instruction June
Joe Tripp-Rieks Residence Facilities Administration June
Madonna Austin Residence Facilities Administration June
Michael Kidd Residence Facilities Administration June
Bell Cowden Continuing Education & Special Programs July
Brad Bauler Fresh Beginnings July
Jenny Connolly Admissions July
Kathyryn Hockemeyer Continuing Education & Special Programs July
Summer Fresh Beginnings Staff Fresh Beginnings July
Cheri McDivitt Fresh Beginnings August
Harper Sires Fresh Beginnings August
Nancy Klodt Rialto Dining August
Tiffany Gray Fresh Beginnings August
Carol Fletcher Dining Services Administration September
Julie Weatherly Compliance and Equity Management September
Karen Arends Rialto Dining September
Key Shop Employees Physical Plant September
Ronald Lundy Fresh Beginnings September
Amy Schipper Admissions October
Anthony Mashek Piazza October
Camille Burkle Rialto Dining October
Corleen Counsell Piazza October
Dan Schofield Admissions October
Dirk Buschmann Operations & Maintenance October
Jim Lund Operations & Maintenance October
Kerry Hopkins Piazza October
Michele Grant Piazza October
Agustina Seeman Residence November
Aleks Spasojevic Residence November
Amanda Widmann Residence November
Barb Strom Residence November
Benjamin Hankner Department of Residence November
Brandi Bartholomew Residence November
Brent Maitland Utilities & Power Plant November
Brian Corwin Residence November
Cathy Pearson Facilities Planning November
Chad Walderbach Public Safety November
Heidi Kunkel Residence November
James McKernan Residence November
Jan Flemetakis Department of Residence November
Janice Dawson Residence November
Janice Nelson Theel Residence November
Jenny Connolly Admissions November
Joe Silva Residence November
Karen Arends Residence November
Marcus Ancell Commons Catering November
Michele Sawyer Business Operations November
Miki Lawson Residence November
Nancy Klodt Residence November
Ryan Puhrmann Admissions November
Shelly Hill Residence Administration November
Susan Baker Facilities Planning November
Tracey Harrington Residence November
Angie Dieken Piazza December
Benjamin Hankner Commons Catering December
Diana Smith Piazza December
Dorothy VanHelten Rialto Dining December
Jan Flemetakis Commons Catering December
Janell Crow Rialto Dining December
Jeff Ager Rialto Dining December
Mary Brocka Redeker December
Mitch McAlister Rialto Dining December