Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Recipients 2010

Name Department Award Received
Carol Johnson Public Safety January
David Homolka Apartments Administration January
Doug Widen Public Safety January
Karen Entz University Apartments Administration January
Michael Weiglein Piazza January
Amber Jones Building Services February
Barb Noel Building Services February
Brent Maitland Utilities and Power Plant February
Brian McBride Operations & Maintenance February
Candace York Child Development Center February
Cherie Kreger Building Services February
Christina Geweke Business Operation February
David Burroughs Building Services February
Eileen Dare Building Services February
Gordon Krueger Environmental Health & Safety February
Helen Johnson Building Services February
Jack Shafer Building Services February
Joan Shafer Building Services February
John Cox Residence/ Piazza February
John Geary Building Services February
Karen Mullins Modern Languages February
Kathy Scholl Health, Physical Ed. & Leisure Services February
Kevin Jaeger Building Services February
Mary Wilson Library February
Matt Copp Piazza February
Michael Zwansiger Facilities Coordination Center February
Nick Uhlenhake Operations & Maintenance February
Paul Meyermann Physical Plant Administration February
Sharon Alcott Building Services February
Tony Bass Building Services February
Carol Sherwood Business Operations March
Chris Kremer GBPAC March
Joe Boutott Facilities Planning March
Jon Arkulari Physical Plant March
Keith Kressin Operations & Maintenance March
Keith Reid Operations & Maintenance March
Matt Copp Piazza March
Travis Duncan GBPAC March
Vic Paulsen Operations & Maintenance March
Cathy Wylam Fresh Beginnings April
Craig Cook Operations & Maintenance April
Jim Riggle Operations & Maintenance April
Theresa Johnson Center for Early Developmental Education April
Diana Smith Piazza May
Doug Lovejoy Facilities Planning May
Jan Flemetakis Rialto May
Larry Vandyk Operations & Maintenance May
Linda Jernigan Admissions May
Rita Carrillo Dining Services Administration May
Sue Joseph Graduate College May
Susan Devine Piazza May
Brenda Wetzel Building Services June
Chris Rohwedder Human Resource Services June
Craig Bravender Industrial Technology June
Doug Lovejoy Facilities Planning June
HRS Staff Human Resource Services June
Tammy Way Building Services June
Vickie Turner Industrial Technology June
Gary Saak Facilities Coordination Center July
Susan Baker Facilities Planning July
Adam Kracke Public Safety August
Casey Lott Rialto August
Jason Vetter ITS-Educational Technology August
Jaymes Sime Piazza August
Matt Copp Piazza August
Mike Weiglein Piazza August
Peg Hamlett Transportation Services August
Susan Devine Piazza August
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration September
Cindy Webb Human Resource Services September
Jaymes Sime Piazza September
Julie Hill International Services September
Kevin Bley Utilities & Power Plant September
Mark Luhring Piazza September
Matt Copp Piazza September
Mike Weiglein Piazza September
Nancy Lindgard Department of Residence September
Ron Melohn Operations & Maintenance September
Rosanne Lang Piazza September
Scott Hess Piazza September
Susan Devine Piazza September
Deb Kinsey Dining Services October
Jeff Ager Piazza October
Marlyn Weber Operations & Maintenance October
Michele Grant Piazza October
Scott Bentley Public Safety October
Becky Kriz Human Resource Services November
Betty Priebe Business Operations November
Bradley Fletcher Food Stores Administration November
Brenda Wetzel Custodial Services November
Brian Corwin Rialto November
Cynthia Bancroft Library November
Dana Jaeger Public Safety November
Gary Robinson Public Safety November
Karen Luhring Redeker Dining Center November
Mark Luhring Piazza November
Mike Weiglein Piazza November
Rita Carrillo Dining Services November
Sara Eberle Rialto November
Scotti Hess Piazza November
Tiffany Gray Redeker Dining Center November
Travis Kramer Athletics Administration November
Beth Kuehl Human Resource Services December
Brad Fletcher Food Stores Administration December
Patrick Oetker Public Safety December
Roger Johnson Food Stores Administration December
Sandra Murphy Industrial Technology December
Scott Bentley Public Safety December
Shelly Grant Piazza December
Timothy Earles Industrial Technology December