Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Recipients 2015

Name Department Award Received
Annie Karr Residence Marketing January
Brian Corwin Rialto Dining January
Michael Weiglein Piazza January
Rick Seeley ITS Educational Technology January
Scott Onken Piazza January
Aaron Morgan ITS Network Services February
Annie Karr Residence Marketing February
Bradley Fletcher Food Store Administration February
Cathy Moore Fresh Beginnings February
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration February
Corey Eichelberger ITS Network Services February
Dennis Hayes Physical Plant Administration February
Joleen Griffin ITS Network Services February
Marvin Morris ITS Network Services February
Mary Friedrich Dining Services Administration February
Miki Lawson Rialto Dining February
Tracey Harrington Rialto February
Beverly Schomaker Biology March
Diane Hensley OBO March
Janice Dawson Rialto Dining March
Joyce Broell College of Humanities Arts & Sciences March
Katie Hillyer College of Business Administration March
Linda Corbin College of Business Administration Support Services March
Nancy Klodt Rialto Dining March
Sandra Ingles Biology March
Susie Grover School of Music March
Trent Ames UNI Dome Operations March
Amy Maass Fresh Beginnings April
Amy Schipper Admissions April
Arthur Greer Fresh Beginnings April
Brad Fletcher Food Stores Administration April
Bradley Bauler Fresh Beginnings April
Brenda Edgerton Admissions April
Carol Fletcher Dining Services Administration April
Cathy Humke Registrar's Office April
Cathy Moore Fresh Beginnings April
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration April
Colby Reinking Admissions April
Connie Hansen Alumni Relations April
Dawnell Johnson Dining Services Administration April
Deborah Kinsey Piazza April
Dorothy Hess Fresh Beginnings April
Dorothy Hess Fresh Beginnings April
Harper Sires Fresh Beginnings April
Jess DeWall Admissions April
Jesus Lizarraga Admissions April
Karen Luhring Fresh Beginnings April
Kathy Malm Residence Facilities Administration April
Piazza Dining Center Staff Piazza Dining Center April
Ryan Glaza Fresh Beginnings April
Ryan Glaza Fresh Beginnings April
Ryan Puhrmann Admissions April
Sean Hartnett Admissions April
Tom Reburn Admissions April
Trina Landmesser Admissions April
Angela Sadler Commons Catering May
Chris Conklin ITS-Network Services May
Dawnell Johnson Commons Catering May
Jan Flemetakis Rialto Dining May
Matt Lorenz Panther Village May
Patti Rust Registrar's Office May
Todd Thomas Residence Administration June
Alex Spasojevic Rialto Dining July
Brian Corwin Rialto Dining July
Carol Bean Associate VP Academic Affairs July
Carol Fletcher Dining Services Administration July
Janice Nelson Theel Rialto Dining July
Jean Wiesley Residence Administration July
Jeff Ager Piazza July
Jennifer Klammer Piazza July
Kristi Marchesani Admissions July
Linda Jernigan Admissions July
Matt Copp Rialto Dining July
Michele Grant Piazza July
Nancy Klodt Rialto Dining July
Pamela McKenzie Commons Catering July
Scott Onken Piazza July
Sheryl Cox Piazza July
Susan Devine Piazza July
Tracey Harrington Rialto Dining July
Aleks Spasojevic Rialto Dining August
Amanda Rossman Commons Catering August
Annie Karr Residence Marketing August
Barb Strom Rialto Dining August
Belinda Dix Admissions August
Ben Hankner Rialto Dining August
Bill Goecken Prexy's August
Brad Bauler Fresh Beginnings August
Brad Bauler Fresh Beginnings August
Brian Corwin Rialto Dining August
Brittany Warren Disability Services August
Camille Burkle Rialto Dining August
Carol Petersen Dining Services Administration August
Cathy Moore Fresh Beginnings August
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration August
Constance Hansen Alumni Relations August
Danielle Bergmeier Rialto Dining August
Dawn Rubino Rialto Dining August
Diana Smith Piazza August
Doug Case ITS-User Services August
Elizabeth Minard Financial Aid August
Elizabeth Vanderwall Career Services August
Erica Eischen Residence Hall Administration August
Heather Asmus Advising & Career Services August
Heidi Kunkel Rialto Dining August
Jan Flemetakis Rialto Dining August
Janae Nuss Commons Catering August
Janice Dawson Rialto Dining August
Janice Nelson-Theel `Rialto Dining August
Jason Goecken Commons Catering August
Jim McKernan Rialto Dining August
Jim Stauffer Residence Facilities Administration August
Joe Silva Rialto Dining August
Josh Sankey Academic Advising August
Karen Arends Rialto Dining August
Kathy Malm Residence Facilities August
LaSonya Ford-Vaughn Commons Catering August
Marcus Ancell Commons Catering August
Mark Rowe-Barth Health Education August
Mary Goodman Commons Catering August
Miki Lawson Rialto Dining August
Mitch McAlister Rialto Dining August
Nancy Klodt Rialto Dining August
Nick Rafanello Residence Hall Administration August
Nicole Lehman Financial Aid August
Pam Mckenzie Commons Catering August
Quentin Anderson Rialto Dining August
Rachel Cook Health Education August
Roland Ferri University Relations August
Russ Truex Residence Facilities Administration August
Ryan Puhrmann Admissions August
Sara Eberle Rialto Dining August
Shawna Haislet Health Education August
Stacey Nelson Fresh Beginnings August
Stacy Nelson Fresh Beginnings August
Teramoto Mooreland Rialto Dining August
Tim Bakula Financial Aid August
Wyatt Baldwin Rialto Dining August
Arthur Greer Fresh Beginnings September
Barb Strom Rialto Dining September
Brad Bauler Fresh Beginnings September
Brad Fletcher Food Stores Administration September
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration September
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration September
Charles Sanders University Relations September
Chris DeBower Fresh Beginnings September
Colby Reinking Admissions September
Dirk Buschmann Operations & Maintenance September
Farah Kashef ITS-Education Technology September
Janell Crow Rialto Dining September
John Keve Fresh Beginnings September
Matt Copp Rialto Dining September
Pat Young Fresh Beginnings September
Rita Truex Fresh Beginnings September
Ryan Glaza Fresh Beginnings September
Stacey Nelson Fresh Beginnings September
Tiffany Gray Fresh Beginnings September
Alex Butler AF- Technology Services October
Alisa Weeks Curriculum and Instruction October
Anna McGee Career Services October
Brenda Edgerton Admissions October
Brian Covington Public Safety October
Bryan Beardsley Maucker Union Administration October
Deb Hepler Piazza October
Deb Sturm Admissions October
Elizabeth Venderwall Career Services October
James Volarino Technology October
Jason Goecken Commons Catering October
Jennifer Beck Teaching October
Jo Loonan Admissions October
Jonathan Chenoweth School of Music October
Lynne Lemert Rider Hall October
Matt Kroeger Admissions October
Michael Marcotte Public Safety October
Rachel Jones College of Business Administration Support Services October
Rita Singlin University Advancement October
Roger Kueter College of Education October
Ron Johnson School of Music October
Susan Schwieger Graduate College October
Bill Henninger School of Applied Human Sciences November
Billie Hemmer Biology November
Celeste Bembry College of Humanities, Arts, & Sciences November
Chad Christopher College of Social & Behavioral Sciences November
Janis Wauters Maucker Union Administration November
Kenny Wright Rialto November
Kerry Hopkins Piazza November
Nick Sullivan Student Support Services November
Paul Shand Physics November
Siobahn Morgan Earth Science November
Tom Heiar Admissions November
Cheryl Moses AF-Technology Services December
Nathan Klostermann AF-Technology Services December