Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First recipients 2022

Name Department Award Received
Kaitlyn Kaufman Admissions January 2022
Claudia Espinoza Custodial Services March 2022
Colleen Sullivan Academic Advising March 2022
Elisabeth Soliz CB Professional Distinction Operations March 2022
Heather Asmus Academic Advising March 2022
Kelsey Bourbeau Kinesiology March 2022
Kim Bock Academic Advising March 2022
Nick Mulholland CB Professional Distinction Operations March 2022
Allison Pattee Child Development Center April 2022
Amy Schipper Admissions April 2022
Ana Bender Iowa Waste Reduction Center April 2022
Dianna Jones Communication and Media April 2022
Dyan Meyer School of Music April 2022
Gretchen Gould Library April 2022
Jamie Schnoes Admissions April 2022
Janelle Finke Continuing Education & Special Programs April 2022
Jaye Miller Admissions April 2022
Jeanne Little Library April 2022
Jennifer Schneiderman Counseling Center April 2022
Kalyani Kannan Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice April 2022
Katelyn Browne Library April 2022
Linda Schroeder Admissions April 2022
Melissa Gevaert Library April 2022
Michele Peck Academic Advising April 2022
Shoshanna Coon Chemistry & Biochemistry April 2022
Thomas Turner IT-Client Services April 2022
Amanda Bauer College of Business May 2022
Ashley Taylor Physics May 2022
Diego Saavedra Rojas Graduate College May 2022
John Keve Fresh Beginnings May 2022
Julie Ann Beddow Library May 2022
Meg Kaisand University Relations May 2022
Nathan Moore Custodial Services May 2022
Pam Creger Student Involvment and Event Services May 2022
Scott Klahsen Human Resource Services May 2022
Stephanie Thorp College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences May 2022
Todd Parsons Academic Affairs May 2022
Tresa Habinck Human Resource Services May 2022
Amandajean Nolte Library June 2022
April Schmiesing Registrar's Office June 2022
Carol Squires Registrar's Office June 2022
Danielle Rundel Registrar's Office June 2022
Jill Bevard Registrar's Office June 2022
Katy Yee Custodial Services June 2022
Linda Reardon-Lowry Biology June 2022
Mary Grieger IT-Client Services June 2022
Megan Vogt-Kostner Institutional Effectiveness & Planning June 2022
Michelle Kline Registrar's Office June 2022
Jennifer Sullivan Financial Aid July 2022
Lukas Nelson Business Operations July 2022
Rachael Bair University Advancement August 2022
Sarah Parsons University Advancement August 2022
Ann Frenna Study Abroad Center September 2022
April Schmiesing Registrar's Office September 2022
Cayla O'Dell Fresh Beginnings September 2022
Fresh Beginnings Team Fresh Beginnings September 2022
Kayla Schmidt Catering September 2022
Marcus Ancell Catering September 2022
Meredith Pecinovsky COE Academic Advising & Teacher Education Success September 2022
Rialto Dining Team Rialto September 2022
Stephanie Rojas Study Abroad Center September 2022
Cayla O'Dell Fresh Beginnings October 2022
Cheryl Klahsen Business Operations October 2022
Christy Danielsen Alumni Relations October 2022
Kayla Schmidt Catering October 2022
Marcus Ancell Catering October 2022
Therese Callaghan Human Resource Services October 2022
Alicia Rosburg Economics November 2022
Allison Guild Library November 2022
Barbara Cutter History November 2022
Courtney Wilson  Student Life November 2022
Jess Cruz Museums & Collections November 2022
Nikki Harken Communication and Media November 2022
Tessa Wakefield Library November 2022
Arthur Greer UNI Bookstore December 2022
Cindy Angel  Institute for Decision Making December 2022
Dale Cyphert Marketing & Entrepreneurship December 2022
Disa Cornish Health, Recreation, & Community Services December 2022
Jesse Lahmann Human Resource Services December 2022
Kara Guyer Continuing Education & Special Programs December 2022
Lisa Frush Human Resource Services December 2022
Maria Cedomio Custodial Services December 2022
Nikki Harken Communication and Media December 2022
Shelly Frein Biology December 2022
Tess Becker Continuing Education & Special Programs December 2022