Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Recipients 2007

Name Department Award Received
Anita Kleppe Sponsored Programs January
Brande Martin Sponsored Programs January
Edward Ebert Sponsored Programs January
Judy Hammer Rider hall January
Judy Hammer Rider Hall January
Laurie Burke Sponsored Programs January
Leandro Avila College of Natural Sciences January
Lynne Lemert Rider Hall January
Mary Byggere Student Health Clinic Lab January
Mary Chien Sponsored Programs January
Matthew Copp Piazza January
Michael Weiglein Piazza January
Michele Mullings-Shand Sponsored Programs January
Nancy Yuska Sponsored Programs January
Rosanne Lang Piazza January
Scott Behrends College of Natural Sciences January
Scotti Hess Piazza January
Scotti Hess Piazza January
Terry Sheerer Grounds Services January
Wilhelm Goecken Piazza January
Aleksandar Spasojevic Piazza February
Christopher Zarifis Piazza February
Edgar Jamison Piazza February
Fay Lamer Piazza February
Grounds Department Grounds Services February
Jennifer Klammer Piazza February
Jennifer Mott Piazza February
Joan Shafer Building Services February
Kristi Knebel English Language & Literature February
Louie Hartman Hagemann Hall February
Marlene Shea Educ Ldrship, Cnsling & Postsec Educ February
Michael Zwansiger Facilities Coordination Center February
Michele Grant Piazza February
Tom Wymore Operations & Maintenance February
Amanda Hansen Rialto Dining March
Bradley Bauler Fresh Beginnings March
Brian Alcaraz Rialto Dining March
Charles Fosselman Utilities & Power Plant March
Cheryl Moses VP for Administration & Finance March
Christine DeBower Fresh Beginnings March
Craig Cook Operations & Maintenance March
Danny Rhoads Utilities & Power Plant March
Erin Wheat Maucker Union Administration March
Jacqueline Furlong Fresh Beginnings March
Jan Flemetakis Rialto Dining March
Janice Dawson Rialto Dining March
John Anderson Piazza March
Joseph Boutott Facilities Planning March
Katherine Slinker Rialto Dining March
Leroy Corwin Utilities & Power Plant March
Marry Ann Mitchell Fresh Beginnings March
Michael Fay Utilities & Power Plant March
Michael Weiglein Piazza March
Michael Williams Rialto Dining March
Miki Lawson Rialto Dining March
Nancy Klodt Rialto Dining March
Nancy Scoggins Rose EOP/SCS March
Pam Creger Maucker Union Administration March
Patricia young Fresh Beginnings March
Rebecca Apel Fresh Beginnings March
Richard Elefsrud Operations & Maintenance March
Rita Truex Fresh Beginnings March
Stacey Nelson Rialto Dining March
Tony Hansen Facilities Coordination Center March
William Kirchmann Utilities & Power Plant March
Aleksandar Spasojevic Piazza Dining Center April
Dennis Cryer Health, Physical Educ & Leisure Services April
Enes Mrzljak Public Safety April
Gerald Meyer Food Stores Administration April
Julee Jacobson Health, Physical Educ & Leisure Services April
Larry Hensley Health, Physical Educ & Leisure Services April
Michael Weiglein Piazza April
Scott Hess Piazza Dining Center April
Thomas Davis Health, Physical Educ & Leisure Services April
Viviana Dragu ITS-Network Services April
Angel Stigler Public Safety May
Barbara Weeg Library May
Eric Blake Mail Center May
Jennifer Mott Piazza May
Melissa Barber University Marketing & Public Relations May
Cheryl Nedrow Provost & VP for Academic Affairs June
Dave Andersen Facilities Coordination Center June
Jeff Rose Recycling & Reuse Tech Transfer Center June
Marlyn Weber Operations & Maintenance June
Russ (Floyd) Myers Building Services June
Dianne Cheeseman College of Business Administration July
Michael Zwanziger Facilities Coordination Center July
Michaela Rich Recycling & Reuse Tech Transfer Center July
Amanda Hansen Rialto Dining August
Autumn Scott Campbell Hall August
Cheri McDivitt Fresh Beginnings August
Chris DeBower Fresh Beginnings August
Connie Mullan Dancer Hall August
Darlene Winters Rialto Dining August
Dave Kelly Public Safety August
Dean Shoars Physical Plant Administration August
Lisa Smith Rialto Dining August
Margie Trostheim DOR Administration August
Sara Eberle Rialto Dining August
Shelly Grant Piazza August
Stacey Nelson Rialto Dining August
Tresa Habinck Business Operations August
Brenda Neff VPAF Administration September
Diane Smith Piazza September
Jane Close Physical Plant September
Jolene Griffin ITS-Network Services September
Marv Morris ITS-Network Services September
Mary Byggere Student Health Clinic September
Nancy Hansenwinkel Library September
Pam Rousselow Business Operations September
Chris Kenaga Rialto October
Julie Williamson Library October
Mike Weiglein Piazza October
Tiffany Gray Fresh Beginnings October
Charlotte Carbiener Building Services November
Chris Rohwedder Human Resource Services November
Cindy Webb Human Resource Services November
Dennis Hayes Physical Plant Administration November
Jean Neibauer Academic Advising November
Linda Noble Physical Plant Administration November
Lisa Frush Human Resource Services November
Lisa Steimel Business Operations November
Mary Hover Facilities Coordination Center November
Sandy Law Human Resource Services November
Tresa Habinck Business Operations November
John Mirchich Facilities Planning December
William Nelson Facilities Planning December