Employee Recognition Awards

Panther First Recipients 2006

Name Department Award Received
Chris Neuhaus Library January
Gordon Krueger Chemistry January
Holly Wingert Commons Catering January
Mary Byggere Student Health Clinic Lab January
Nora Janssen Office of Student Field Experiences January
Terry Sheerer Grounds Services January
Cathy Moore Fresh Beginnings February
Cathy Wylam Dining Services Administration February
Chris Debower Fresh Beginnings February
Emily Cahalan ITS-Information Systems February
Jennifer Noehl Alumni Relations February
Ken Connelly ITS-Network Services February
Mary Byggere Student Health Clinic Lab February
Matthew Copp Piazza February
Patti Rust Registrar's Office February
Rita Carrillo Dining Services Administration February
Sam Barr VP for Educational and Student Services February
Steve Gearhart VP for Marketing and Advancement February
Susan Moeller Piazza February
Brent Maitland Utilities and Power Plant March
Chuck Fosselman Utilities and Power Plant March
Dave Andersen Facilities Coordination Center March
Drue Hadenfelt VP for Administration and Finance March
Mike Freese Grounds Services March
Steve Wilson Grounds Services March
Stuart MacKey Utilities and Power Plant March
Tony Hanson Facilities Coordination Center March
William Kirchmann Utilities and Power Plant March
Carl Ellison Transportation Services April
Dave Andersen Facilities Coordination Center April
Dennis Nieman Transportation Services April
Steve Hansen Transportation Services April
Carol Brodie Human Resources May
Chris Rohwedder Human Resources May
Cindy Webb Human Resources May
Doug Widen Public Safety May
Eileen Dams Human Resources May
Jan Flick Human Resources May
Joan Johannes Human Resources May
Judy Dieken Human Resources May
Judy Kester Human Resources May
Kim Andersen Business Operations May
Liz Cook Human Resources May
Mary Burke Campus Supply May
Michelle Byers Human Resources May
Robin Gurien Human Resources May
Sandy Law Human Resources May
Brad Halter Rialto Dining June
Jerry Eastman Building Services June
Ken Griffin Building Services June
Kim Andersen Business Operations June
Roger Johnson Food Stores Administration June
Roman Osuna Commons Catering June
Russ Myers Building Services June
Dewayne Purdy University Marketing & Public Relations July
Melissa Schreiber Business Operations July
Pat Whitt VP for Administration & Finance July
Penny Becker Business Operations July
Sherri Baldwin Business Operations July
Vince Heuer Business Operations July
Bonnie Farland Alumni Relations August
Edgar Jamison Piazza August
Elaine Dalrymple Transportation Services August
Gerald Meyer Food Stores Administration August
Joey Zimmerli VP for Marketing & Advancement August
Kazumi Truex Piazza August
Michael Piazza August
Yvonne Groen Financial Accounting & Reporting Services August
David Pruin Operations & Maintenance September
Diane Juel Facilities Planning September
Ellen Neuhaus Library September
Joan Johannes Human Resource Services September
Joan Johannes Human Resources Services September
Kathy Siems Public Safety September
Keith Welch Library September
Lisa Frush Human Resource Services September
Mary Byggere Student Health Clinic Lab September
Mary Keys Industrial Technology September
Michelle Garris Industrial Technology September
Michelle Holland Human Resource Services September
Mike Dix Transportation Services September
Nancy Boleyn Financial Aid September
Pamela MacKay Registrar's Office September
Ann Thill Social Work October
Debbie Laneville Social Work October
Doug Widen Public Safety October
Eric Blake Mail Center October
Brian Sellers Financial Aid November
Brian Sellers Financial Aid November
Heather Tousignant UNI-Dome Operations November
Melanie Abbas ITS-Information Systems November
Roman Osuna Commons Catering November
Steve Gearhart VP for Marketing & Advancement November
Cathy Moore Fresh Beginnings December
Darrell Hansen Operations & Maintenance December
Todd Thomas Residence Administration December
Wendel Reece Physical Plant Administration December